To be Colorado’s premier arts school where people of all ages and abilities come together to share the language of music and the arts.

“Parlando” is an Italian word meaning “to speak.” In musical terms, Parlando means “to speak in a musical way.” At Parlando School of Musical Arts, we are committed to unifying our community through the universal language of music and the arts.

Vision Statement
At our core, Parlando is about providing:
The Opportunity for all members of our community to participate in music; and
Access to this opportunity for underserved and vulnerable members of our community.

Our Foundation
Premier Music and Arts Education. Our faculty of 50 of the region’s best teachers inspire over 625 students of all instruments, ages and abilities each week. More than half of our teachers have advanced degrees in music. We provide music lessons and classes for all instruments, ages and abilities and we are located in Boulder, Colorado.

Tuition Assistance/Scholarship. Since 2007, Parlando has provided more than $400,000 in tuition assistance to over 700 students and their families through our tuition assistance and scholarship programs.

Community Outreach. Since 2007, Parlando has provided over 600 days of outreach to BVSD music classrooms including programming for at-risk youth, workshops and “sectionals” for school bands and orchestras. We even provided a replacement teacher when a middle school music teacher was called away for military duty.

Performance. From monthly recitals, to concerts for seniors, to participating in community events to audition-only productions, Parlando provides students and our community with the opportunity to share the language of music and the arts.

Notes on copyrights and trademarks:
Many headshots courtesy of Sue Daniels Photography
“Parlando School of Musical Arts”, “Share the language of music and the arts”, and “Universal Language Initiative” are trademarks of Parlando Incorporated/Parlando School of Musical Arts.