Directions to Parlando

Directions to Parlando - Parlando School of Musical Arts - The Dairy Center for the ArtsDirections to Parlando: The main location of Parlando School of Musical Arts is in The Dairy Arts Center: 2590 Walnut Street #2, in Boulder, Colorado 80302.  (303-442-0006)
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Directions to Parlando at the Dairy Arts Center

From 28th Street, go west on Walnut, then south on 26th, and then go immediately west again on Walnut. The parking lot to the Dairy is behind the building, off of Walnut. There is also street parking on 26th Street.

From Folsom heading South, take a left (east) onto Pearl and go south (right) on 26th until the righthand turn (west) on Walnut.

From Folsom heading North, go right (east) on Walnut and take a right (south) into the parking lot in back BEFORE you get to 26th.

Easiest Entrance to Parlando School of Musical Arts: Park in the parking lot in back (west side) of the Dairy Arts Center. When entering the parking lot, head straight down all of the way toward the south end of the parking lot and park in any open spot.

Go down the ramp to the Basement Level of the Dairy. The door at the bottom is open Mon. – Sat. 8:30-8. If entering the building before 8:30 or after 8, please use the Dairy main entrance that faces 26th Street. You may exit from the basement level door at any time.

Once in the basement level door, follow the winding hallway to the “LaBerge Family Wing.” Our main offices are located in this wing.