Parlando Reviews!

I searched and visited many music “schools” in the area this summer when looking for private parlando reviews - parlando school of musical artsinstruction for our son.

Two things were apparent when I entered your facilities: pride and professionalism. Your staff was welcoming and endured many phone calls with my questions and concerns.
-Prospective and now current Parlando parent (parlando reviews)

Our granddaughter has participated in the Parlando School for 8+ years.She has been in many Piano and Voice Recitals and worked as an Intern for the plays Oliver and Annie. The last recital she performed in was by far her most outstanding performance in which she sang “God Bless The Outcasts” from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. She has grown nicely in the Parlando Program from a very withdrawn, shy girl to a much more confident young lady of 15. We are very proud of her accomplishments with the help of the gifted teachers and administrators at the Parlando School in Boulder. She plans to be involved at Parlando forever!
-Parlando Grandparent (parlando reviews)

Our daughter loves working with Jenny and it’s very exciting how much progress she continues to make. She’s working on the Mendelssohn concerto and now the Brahms sonata seems easy; she can just concentrate on the music!
-Parlando Parent (parlando reviews)

Due to yours and the generosity of Parlando’s donors, our son has been privileged to study with Sam, who I feel is the perfect match for his current music abilities.
-Parent of a Tuition Assistance Student (parlando reviews)

We feel lucky to have such an amazing teacher and wonderful music school supporting our daughter’s musical development.

Her Christmas will include a Parlando sweatshirt; She has asked for it because she is happy to be a part of Parlando.
-Parent of a Parlando Student (parlando reviews)

Somehow I made it to a golden age without ever seeing “Annie.” No movie, no Broadway production will I ever enjoy more than your “Annie” last night at the Dairy Center. A dress rehearsal without a single break…Wonderful! Loved every single minute in part because the cast seemed to enjoy every minute. Thank you for providing so many of us at Balfour an evening filled with love and joy and amazing talent.
-Resident of the Lodge at Balfour (parlando reviews)

The [Musical] production was incredible!!

I couldn’t believe how great the kids were in your show– everything from the talent, to the show, to the humor and relevancy of the script, to the set, and how all the kids worked together so well.parlando reviews - parlando school of musical arts

Within the first minute of the opening scene they were enraptured. They were laughing, inspired, and invested in every second of the production and the actors. At the end of the show, a couple of them worked up the courage to ask for some autographs (one of our kids is really shy and this was an amazing practice for him– especially since your group is filled with such sweet kids). On the drive home, the kids turned off the played-out radio hip-hop and sang songs from phantom of the opera for the entire drive. The combination of your kids and mine led to a cuteness that was seemingly unreal.

Thank you thank you!!! The kids say: “It was quite a wondrous show and I enjoyed it so much that I had the songs stuck in my head all night!” and “I really liked it. It was a great musical. It was awesome to be able to tell that to the cast” and “It was a great performance, good acting, and it kept me on my toes for funny stuff. Overall, I really enjoyed it! I already want to be a singer and this was so awesome to see!”
-Attention Homes representative who received complimentary tickets from Parlando and brought several of their students to a Parlando Musical Production (parlando reviews)

“Seeing and Hearing the results”
Travis – My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening fundraiser. It was so elegant, the food marvelous and best of all, the entertainment was very impressive. We discussed how great it is that you are going into BVSD schools with your program. Thanks so much.
-Community Member (parlando reviews)

We are very proud to be associated with Parlando School of Musical Arts.
-Parlando Family (parlando reviews)

Everything about Parlando has motivated me and has taught me to try my best.

My teacher has also brought out the artistic side of me and has taught me that anything can happen if you try. Parlando has changed me forever, making me the best person I could be.
-8th Grade Piano Student (parlando reviews)

Dear Mr. LaBerge,
I am totally in LOVE with acting in musical theatre and there is nothing else in my life that makes me more happy.

For the last 4 years, I have performed in lots of shows around Denver and even as far away as Candlelight Dinner Playhouse near Fort Collins.

I have a big favor to ask of you. I read that you will sometimes help kids who need tuition assistance to take lessons or classes at Parlando. My dad had 2 strokes almost 3 years ago. Because he still has problems with his speech he lost his job and hasn’t been able to find anyone who will hire him anymore. My mom still has a job but we have to be so careful because we only have way less than half the money we used to have to live on.

My mom and dad tried to keep up my vocal lessons.  Not at Parlando but from a vocal coach…but they finally had to give them up because it cost too much. I was wondering if you would be willing to help me with my tuition for vocal lessons…I know you can’t do it for free but if you could just make it so we could afford it that would be so great.
-Parlando Student (parlando reviews)